With Lyn Graham, the most important loan is yours! Let me prove to you how easy buying a home can be! What makes me a successful loan originator is my commitment to excellence. I realize there are many companies out there offering the same rates, but we have something others do not have…

“A standard of excellence, a gold standard in mortgage origination and customer care!”

Services I offer a full line of personalized services to accommodate the customer’s needs, including: I provide home financing and mortgage services in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. History Lyn Graham has a total of over 16 years of customer service in the mortgage industry. I am a local loan originator specializing in helping homeowners realize their economic goals. I provide borrowers with fair mortgage rates at the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.


Lyn Graham – Mortgage Originator, NMLS#77145  After 27 enjoyable years of being in the healthcare industry as a nurse and director of physician services, I decided to pursue my other passion of helping people find the best possible solution for their mortgage. I have been in the mortgage industry for over 16 years and the people I have met and helped is one of my biggest accomplishments and fulfillments. My other passion is my family. I have been married for almost 38 years and love watching our family continue to grow. I enjoy reading, traveling, and meeting new people. Contact Lyn.